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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍At the forefront of VoIP since 2009

Founded in 2000, we have evolved into a modern cloud services provider. We are dedicated to developing and delivering a complete line of industry leading communication services including hosted VoIP and internet connectivity. With the support of our proactive resellers our aim is to revolutionise how our customers communicate both now and into the future. We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate customer service experience whilst remaining approachable, flexible and accountable.

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By 2012 we had completely stopped providing IT services to focus solely on VoIP and connectivity, further extending our network to Telehouse North. After moving to Telehouse North, we spent the next two years expanding our team and customer base. In 2015, we moved office to our current premises to cater for our ever growing team and business needs. In the same year we became a founding member of the Brighton Digital Exchange - improving the infrastructure for Brighton based businesses.

Initially starting life as an IT Services company, we took our first step into the VoIP industry by building our first SIP system in 2009. After our system being such a success,  we populated our first data centre in 2010. Further take up in the evolving technology meant in 2011 we then expanded our network to Telehouse East Data Centre, increasing the resilience and performance of our network. After realising that the VoIP services we were providing were only as good as our customers internet connectivity, we decided to become an Internet Service Provider in order to properly support our clients.

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“Their (xoomtalk) professionalism and expertise has helped make a difference to our business and we find the technicians very helpful and skilled in what they do”

‍‍‍‍‍‍Jay Bish, Business Administrator

Technical Director

George Mason‍‍‍

‍‍‍‍‍‍Managing Director‍‍‍‍‍‍

Sales Dir‍‍‍ector‍‍‍

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Duncan French‍‍‍

After graduating from university in 1998 with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems, George spent several years as a senior network engineer. It was during this time that George developed a keen appreciation for network security and resilient network design best practices.

Motivated by his passion for network communications, George founded xoomtalk with the intention of providing better communication technologies to businesses of all sizes.

George is responsible for operating and running xoomtalk’s own network and support team, helping ensure maximum reliability and resilience of our services whilst offering unrivalled support, attributes he recognises as extremely important to xoomtalk customers.

When not at work, George can be found travelling to remote locations across the world in search of adventure, often capturing these unique moments with one his drones or quadcopters.

Since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Computing Systems Duncan has gained over 18 years experience in service, sales and management mainly within the telecommunications sector.

Driven by his passion for disruptive technologies and the operational benefits these can bring to both businesses and industries, Duncan co-founded xoomtalk in 2008 with the vision of using new mediums to drive better communication provision to businesses of all sizes.

Duncan is responsible for the vision and strategy of xoomtalk; his passion and deep understanding of the underlying technologies continues to drive the company forward on its rapid growth plans.

In his spare time he can be found singing ‘A cappella’ from Baroque through to 21st century compositions, spending time with his family and mountain biking on the South Downs especially on a summer evening.‍‍‍

Guy has over 30 years experience in Telecommunications and the internet services industry. Working with major global brands such as BT and Vodafone, Guy has held a variety of roles. One of his previous roles involved driving sales revenue from £4.2M to £18M within eighteen months.

Guy believes that giving outstanding customer service will result in long term customer loyalty and as such, is keen to understand each customer’s individual business needs, allowing him to offer solutions which give real value.

Guy is responsible for sales within xoomtalk where there are many channels to market, including a loyal army of resellers and notable client accounts.

At home, Guy enjoys relaxing with his wife and two dogs, as well as competing at his favourite sport, lawn bowls. Guy also likes to travel, combining relaxation with culture wherever possible.

The story behin‍‍‍d our success.

2016 saw us populate our 3rd key data centre, alongside large scale network changes to further improve our services. By 2017 we had added a further data centre into our network, now consisting of Telehouse East, Telehouse North, Telehouse West. BDX and Redcentric Shoreditch. Moving forwards we plan to continue to add to our team and develop our service offering, ensuring our clients can access everything their business needs. ‍‍‍